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Proceed With Caution

Before long, the Memphis Grizzlies will need to watch their steps as we hit the midway point of the NBA season.  Quietly stalking with a 24-11 record since a 1-8 start, the young Grizzlies are starting to turn some heads.  Zach Randolph became the team's first all-star since Pau Gasol earlier this week and lately has been getting consideration in the mid-season MVP talk.  Speaking of Pau, brother Marc Gasol received strong consideration to be an all-star this year and will compete with the sophomores that same weekend.  O.J. Mayo has so far avoided a sophomore slump and Rudy Gay has been very clutch in a contract year.

This young Grizzlies team has been playing great team basketball and dominates the paint on both ends of the floor.  While they have shown to be a high scoring offense this year, they are only +.34 in point differential.  We have seen this method fail time and time again at places like Pheonix, so if this Memphis team is really interested in staying in the Western Conference chase, they are going to have to find some defense, either internally or externally.

There are multiple players on the block this year as most experts expect a busy trading season.  Although management probably does not want to dip too far into their younger players (ie - Young, Thabeet, or any of the starters), they do have 3 first round draft picks in 2010 to play with.  One of the names being floated around that would help the defense is Andre Iguodala.  While I doubt they would want to use a player of his caliber as a 6th man, they could easily slide Mayo down to PG and run AI at SG.  AI is known to be a stout defender and a versatile athlete that could play the 1, 2, or 3, which would allow Conley to come off the bench and add some depth at point.  However, beings that we would be getting a player with the initials of AI, and coming from the 76ers, you must proceed with caution.